Cover, Jacket, and Interior Design for The Comic Book Story of Video Games (International Editions)

When designing the cover for the initial North American print run of Video Games, my goal was to create an image that could represent all video games, rather than specific corporate IP (for obvious legal reasons), and then hone in on the technology itself, which had become the throughline for our narrative. I also created design elements that could be extracted and reshaped into other parts of the book design by either myself or the team at Ten Speed Press, our American publisher.

When it came to foreign publishing, it became necessary to redesign all elements of the book, so I tried to capture something a little closer to my original vision for the book, without straying too far from the feel of The Comic Book Story of... series that author Jonathan Hennessey and Ten Speed Press had begun before me and continued after.

Various print and social media promotions for the tour and review of the book, 2017.